About Alon Global Inc.

Alon Global Inc., the developer of the project, is the Israeli branch of the cluster of international companies Including: P.S.C,  Case Global owned by the entrepreneur Mr. Moshe Alon.

The company is the pioneer of the organization and its owners’ activity in the sphere of Israeli economics as a manifestation of the strategic decision to penetrate, develop and expand the business capacity in Israel.

The successes in the international domain enable the fulfillment of his life-long dream and will of his late mother, the artist   Hana Eichengreen , to live in Israel once again. Correspondingly, decisions were made for realization of the upcoming direction, including- investment in semi-peripheral and developing areas with vision, groundbreaking and pioneering entrepreneurship, and with building exclusively in unique and prestigious projects.

In accordance with the guidelines of the policy, the company was founded and assumed immediate action in 2005 while purchasing real estate as provision for its upcoming commercial activity. Next a large fortune was invested and substantial efforts were devoted to the promotion of the "Nof Hana" project as a realization marking the forthcoming path and the decisions of the owners regarding activities in Israel.

All funding of the company’s activities comes from independent wealth sources, demonstrating the company's financial capacity and the abilities of the company and its owners.

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Nof Hana Project, Beit Hamiluim, 34 Yeffe Nof St., Haifa  |  Phone +972-52-3766686  |  Fax +972-4-8373696  |  Email info@nofhana.com