The Modern Building

A modern and luxurious apartment building, planned by Dina Amar-Avraham Korial Architects and City Planners, whose planning portfolio includes the distinguished "Binyan Hamifras" (the "Sail Building") in Haifa in which the government buildings reside, and the IBM building next to Haifa University.

The building will rise up to about 9 floors and most apartments will have a view. The apartments were planned to ensure especially spacious bedrooms and living rooms.

Beyond the immaculate planning that include enlarged living areas for entertaining guests and a spacious parent unit, the building standard is exceptionally high and includes, among other features:

A gym, a tall and lavish lobby, 2 fast elevators, and in each apartment, garage parking, storage room, security room, a full kitchen and a balcony overlooking Carmel and ocean views.

Additionally, advanced security and protection devices will provide personal safety for the occupants.

Floor Plans

Private secure complex

Panoramic View

Louis Promenade

Central Location

Wine Cellar and Gym
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