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The Complex

In the best location in Haifa between the streets Yeffe Nof and Shderot Hanasi, on an approx. 2 Dunam (21,500 SQF) area, sprawls a unique residential complex that includes a historical structure for preservation and a contemporary apartment building.

The central location, access to inter city and nationwide transportation roads, breathtaking view, "Tayelet Louie" (the "Louie Promenade"), cultural, entertainment and shopping centers in Mercaz Hacarmel (the Carmel Center), the quality of planning and execution, the spacious living rooms and much more, make the project rare and unique.

Private secure complex

Panoramic View

Louis Promenade

Central Location

Wine Cellar and Gym
Nof Hana Project, Beit Hamiluim, 34 Yeffe Nof St., Haifa  |  Phone +972-52-3766686  |  Fax +972-4-8373696  |  Email